Missy and the Fam

This blog started out as a way for our family and friends to keep track of us, as we move around the country and have adventures. As of late, it has been home to Missy’s musings on everything from politics to religion, from spelling bees to llamas. Having said that, I’m Missy. And this is us.

The Goodnights are from Kansas, but are now living in the Atlanta Metro area, by way of Southern Missouri and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jerimiah holds an MBA from Lynn University and works for a Fortune 250 where he is in charge of a multi-million dollar business unit as the Controller. He listens to Run the Jewels and he listens to my crazy ideas and goes along with *most* of them.

Missy is a graduate of Missouri State (BA in English) and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (MA Creative Writing) and is a current MFA student at Mississippi University for Women. She’s politically active (straight-ticket Democrat) and enjoys reading, petting dogs, and watching serial killer documentaries on Netflix.

Jackson is a kind, funny, sixth-grader. He is wicked smart (in the Gifted program and the STEM track at his middle school) and he likes cars, video games, and just recently girls (eye roll.)

Sir Duke Barkington of Charlotte is a standard poodle, who enjoys being told he’s incredibly handsome. He’s recently taken a liking to his ancestry tree and has found that he is from Germany, not France like he thought. He was upset, though not as upset as Trump losing the presidency. He’s a staunch Republican.

Lady Winifred Beesly of Atlanta is a Doodle. She’s part standard poodle, part Great Pyrenees. She’s big and fluffy and as bright as you might expect. What she lacks in grace she makes up for in love, so much love. Too much really.

In general (when we aren’t living in a pandemic) we go on adventures. We like to have fun and meet new people. We LOVE to travel. Most of all we love each other and llamas. Most of us love llamas.

RIP Bentley Goodnight, our beloved, overweight chocolate lab.