Is Today Wednesday?

I keep thinking, as the weeks go by, that I will remember what it is like to be in grad school. The skills I learned the first time around might come back to me as suddenly as Cinderella losing her slippers at midnight. But alas, there is no pumpkin turned coach this week. No tiny mice running around behind the scenes helping me out. Well, there was a dead mouse in the basement, but that’s a different story better saved for a different day.

Today I’m confused about what day it is. Today I’m trying to keep track which poetry book I’m caught up on, which craft essay is due first, and whether or not I’ll sneeze and fart at the same time on one of my many Zoom calls this week. It’s a lot.

To top it off, Jackson is in the middle of MAP testing. Virtually. Jerimiah is in the midst of budget season, and we have the holidays around the corner. Sometimes it feels like I’m running but not getting anywhere. I’m the treadmill of life I suppose. The damn treadmill of life.

I hope you’re making ground today.

Oh, it is Wednesday.

Make it a good one!


Today is the Day

Middle school starts today. My head is mush. I’m happy, nervous, excited, disappointed, scared, and that’s just me, I’m not even the one going to middle school! I guess wish us luck, this is going to be an interesting year!

And to all our friends with kids going back virtually or traditionally, we wish you luck and happiness all year long!

Be well, be safe, have fun!