*Exclusive* State of the House Address

Since Donald Trump got one, I get one too, right?

It’s in two parts because I accidentally turned off the recording, which sounds like maybe I am dumb, but actually, I am dumb.


#StateOfTheHouseAddress #Trump #DogParks #RentalProperty #Doodles #UnderfundedSchools #CrazyAssNeighbors #NextDoor #GirlsTrackTeams #AOC SkinSuitCreepy #IForgotToWearWhite #ApplaudNow #NonBipartisan

Actual fucking sign that people are ignoring at the school.
Actual post from Next Door (which is basically FB for millennials). I can’t, y’all. Oh, but look! I got 12 “Thanks”! #ImSoPopular

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