hello (07734)

Shit, you guys. I am 100% sure that you are tired of my bs. My constant disappearances, followed by lingering, hollow apologies. I’m like that boyfriend you had back in college who stopped showing up to your scheduled make-out sessions on the quad. Then you ran into him in Freshman Psych and he was all, Oh snap, girl! Were we supposed to bump last night? Okay, okay, here’s what happened. I was rappin’ with my boys and lost track of time, then my beeper was busted! Busted, girl! So if you did try to page me, send me a 07734 or a 121, I didn’t even see it. But don’t worry, my beeper is working again now and you can just 406 me and I will know what’s up. Coolio? Yeah, lame as shit. I dig.

But wait, hear me out, baby. I’ve been away. Away from home. Away from my computer. Away from my normal life. My normal schedule, that allows me to sit and drink my coffee in peace each morning. Allows me to think, and write, and complain about thinking and writing. Allows my ego to get so inflated, that I am able to pretend that I have an audience of people who read the shit that I write, and that will miss me dearly if I am away.

So, this one is for you, baby. This post is to tell you that I am alive and well. That I just lost track of time, girl. That my life is a hectic mess right now, but one day, one day real soon, girl, we are gonna be together again. Bumping on the lawn, listening to Cherry Pie by Warrant, and beeping each other. Cause you my 277 4 lyfe.


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