April Fool’s Day

Hey, hi, hello. I know that tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and man do I know that we all need a good laugh right now, but I like to remind people every year that pretending to be pregnant on April Fool’s to get someone riled up, or to get a laugh out of people isn’t really funny. It isn’t funny to people like me. It isn’t funny to women and men, mommies and daddies, who have held their dead babies in their arms. It isn’t really funny to mommies who never got the chance to hold their babies because they were never born. It isn’t funny to couples who have tried for years and years to get pregnant, with no success. It just isn’t funny.

So consider this your friendly reminder to go ahead and skip that. This got me thinking, that since we are trying to take some things light nowadays (I keep seeing these “Let’s stop talking about Covid-19 and smile” posts and, well, I don’t agree with them. I think we can keep talking about Covid-19, because it is serious and it needs to stay in the forefront of our minds, but also laugh at unrelated things.) But let’s not laugh at Covid-19 patients, people trying to stay safe, or people having to work through this horrible time.



Let’s stick to glazing mayonnaise on donuts and feeding them to our families. Or replacing your family pictures of Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump, I dunno, some other evil dictator. Or cutting out what looks like bugs and placing them in lampshades. Haha. That’s always funny.

Cool. Carry on.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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