Good Days

You know those good days? The ones sandwiched in between really shit days. Those days where you just wake up in a good mood. Or maybe not a good mood, but at least you feel like you don’t want to stab people. You know, your baseline day. A day where you wake up and just feel like everything is gonna be alright. Yeah, you know what kind of days I mean. They might be few and far between. They might only come in the spring. Or they might be summer days. It might be your day everyday when the sun is shining and your pores are soaking up all the vitamins, and your skin is glowing, and the sky is clear. You know the days when every matching pair of socks that go into the washing machine, make it out of the dryer in a matching pair. Man, those are the good days.

I hope you’re having a good day. Or that you have one soon. You deserve it. But if you’re feeling like you just can’t have a good day today, or soon, that’s okay too. Take some time to have a bad day. A bad week. Because it’s okay to be sad and scared and not have the answers. I know that is sucks. I know it sucks hard, but it’s okay.

Take care of yourself today.


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