True Colors

I don’t dye my hair, but I have a lot of friends who do. I support dyeing your hair if that makes you feel better. I have several things I do that make me feel better as a woman, as a person, and if I were in a situation where I was not allowed to do those, I would be upset. So while I can’t empathize with people who are staring at their roots right now wondering how the hell they are going to cover them, I can sympathize. And I support you adding dye to your Walmart order, or if you’re like my best friend, having the in with your stylist, so that she drops all the required items on your front door with instructions. Amazing! But here is something I can’t support: A person saying that we can deal with a couple hundred deaths, if that means she can go get her hair extensions put in next month.

Missy, what are you talking about?! I’m talking about a friend on FB, well a former friend, who actually said that her state better not push the “stay-at-home order” into mid-May because she has an appointment to get hair extensions and she needs them. Was she joking? Man, I hope so. But I think it was based on a very real frustration that her life is being messed up. And that’s where her caring for the world stops. That’s her limit. Too many times the last month her world has been stopped in its track and now she is drawing the line. Wow. Real life.

This global pandemic is certainly a chance for us to put our best foot forward, and obviously some of us just aren’t up to the challenge. In another post, while she obviously spiraled out, this same friend said she knew the “real” reasons this was all happening, but that she wasn’t going to share them because people on FB are mean. You might be wondering, how does she know the “real reasons” when medical experts, scientists, doctors, and governments all around the world don’t have the answers. Another friend suggested perhaps a degree in Mystical Science? But alas, no. She doesn’t know the real reason, but she is certainly showing her true colors during a crisis, and frankly she isn’t alone. And it’s sad, and scary.

There is a whole swath of people who truly believe that the experts, people who went to school for years, who are infectious disease doctors, who are in labs creating vaccines, are out to get them. Out to ruin their life. Why? They must think themselves so important that they are worth ruining. It never occurs to them that this life is MUCH bigger than them. And if this is you, if you think this way, then I suggest you spend a little bit of time in your backyard on a clear night, looking up at the stars, and understanding you small, very small, minuscule, place in this world. You’re just not that important. None of us are. Yet here we are, saying things like, “What matters if a couple hundred people die? They can’t take our liberties!”

Yeah girl, your roots are showing. But even worse, your disgusting display of arrogance, ignorance, and unhealthy world image is showing. Your lack of sympathy and empathy is showing. Your total inability to see past your own life, you inability to love the entire human race is showing. I see now. As long as your life is going well, we can all sit back and share funny memes and laugh. But the moment you had a vacation cancelled, or can’t get hair extensions, or have been out of the dating pool too long, then we will all pay. I see you now, and your true colors. We all do.


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