Wear Masks, Stay Home

Why is this so hard for people to understand? There are legitimately people traveling again. Like taking cross-country trips. For real. Hot tip! Don’t come to Georgia. We still have a lot of active cases, and we don’t need you bringing in more! Just got a text that says I need to wear a mask in public at all times. Then jumped on FB to see people crossing state lines for “fun” and “vacation” and without masks, and hanging out with family members they haven’t been quarantined with. Meanwhile experts are begging us to stop. The cities are shut down, and now the virus is moving to the rural areas. And no one seems to be taking it seriously. I might be overly cautious, but you might not be cautious enough. I’m sure there’s a middle ground here, but what are you risking it?

Stay the fuck home.

Wear a mask when you go to essential places.

Dining in at Longhorn isn’t essential.

Stop spreading this or we will never get better.

And thank you to those people who still realize our world is in danger. People, maybe not people we know and love, but others, are still a risk. Thanks for staying home for the greater good. We’re the ones flattening the curve. We’re the ones making a difference here. Stay strong.

It’s almost over.


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