Happy Father’s Day

Hey, psst it’s Father’s Day, don’t worry if you forgot, you have time to go grab a card, or make a hasty phone call because your dad probably forgot too. If you’re lucky enough to have your dad still around, and he was pretty okay, he’d probably like to hear from you. But remember, only if it won’t negatively impact your mental health, because you are the most important. If you dad was awesome and he isn’t on this Earth anymore, than I am so very sorry, but look at you! You’re doing okay, you’re doing this world and getting through, he is so proud of you!

Today is about fathers, the good ones that deserve to be celebrated, like my husband. Oh, did you have a feeling this was gonna go to one of my “My Husband is the Most Awesome” posts? You were right!

About 4,280 days ago, my awesome husband became an awesome daddy and well, the way I viewed and celebrated this day changed dramatically.

My husband Jerimiah, or “My Poor Husband” as he’s known around here, is quite literally the best man I have ever met in my whole life. And as far as Daddy-ing goes, well I’m gonna let Jackson speak on that one.

“My Daddy always has room for me. Even if he’s super busy he will stop and talk to me, and help me. He’s also not average at all, he always goes for the best, he doesn’t settle for average for himself or for me, for any of us. He is the daddy that always gets stuff done, he is persistent, but he always has time for fun. He’s taught me a lot about cars, like how to change a tire and how to change oil, which is good for when I’m older I’ll be able to do all these things Daddy teaches me. Daddy and I like a lot of the same things like video games, cars, electronics, stuff like that. That’s why he’s a great dad!”

There you have it. He’s smart, and funny, and persistent, he always makes us a priority, and he’s always there when we need him.

So Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there, but especially to Jackson, Duke, and Winnie’s daddy. He’s sorta the best.

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