Well Hello!

It’s time to reintroduce myself! I have a bunch of new friends and I gotta ask, what the hell is your problem? Just kidding, but really though. I’m Missy and this here is my blog. I have a minimal amount of writing talent, I crack myself up, I’m an MFA student, and a mom to a human child and two asshole dog kids, and I have a husband, so, umm, I have a lot of bullshit to deal with everyday and I write about most of it here.

I also made a pact to myself to write everyday this year, so honestly some days this here blog is a stretch. A streeeeeetch.

Some days it’s educational.

Some days I complain about washing dishes

Some days I spill secrets.

It’s a crapshoot really.

But welcome, new friends! I hope you find something here you like, and if not trust me, I get it.

Be well, safe, and sane, y’all!


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