Mr. Charlie is Okay

A few days ago I shared a scary thing that happened in the ‘hood. Mr. Charlie and Ms. Loretta called an ambulance last week and a couple showed up with a patrol car. I wasn’t too worried because the medics didn’t seem too worried, but then we didn’t see Mr. Charlie or Ms. Loretta for a couple of days. Then Jerimiah ran to grab some dinner on Friday night and when he came home Mr. Charlie was back puttering around in his well-maintained front yard!

Jerimiah stopped to say hi and make sure he was okay. M. Charlie very much appreciated the visit. He told Jerimiah that he has a problem with his legs that is very painful and although he takes medicine for it, it became too intense the other morning so he wanted to get checked out just in case. They kept him for a bit, but all is fine.


He came in and told us and Jackson ran off to see Mr. Charlie! Jackson adores Mr. Charlie and the feeling is mutual. They chatted for a bit near Mr. Charlie’s crepe myrtle and that night we all slept a little better.

So there you have it, no more worries, y’all. Mr. Charlie and Ms. Loretta are okay. So is Mrs. Kim, and Ginger, and Cookie, Dale’s chocolate lab. Cul-de-sac is back to normal, in case you were wondering.


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