Trump Virus

That’s probably what we should be calling it now, right? Or do we respectfully wait until after he’s recovered? Speaking of being respectful, a couple weeks ago I was reading comments by some right-wingers about how RBG can just “burn in hellfire damnation” for all the “horrible” she has brought to our country. Now this week, these same people wanna say some shit like, “Please respect the office of the president.” Da fuck?

I know, Michelle, I know. they go low, we go high. But damn it’s hard sometimes. Especially when he’s spent the last six months not respecting the over 215,000 people who have died from the Trump Virus, and shelling out inappropriate and often-times dangerous information, and now he wants us to care about him? Nah. Pass.

This is what I care about: People taking this virus seriously. People wearing masks. People looking out for the greater good. And no, I don’t want the president to be taken out by the Trump Virus, I want the electoral college to take this asshat out. So please make a plan to vote, ASAP.

Be safe and sane, y’all.


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