What Doesn’t Kill Us…

Tough times around the Goodnight house as of late. Tough times everywhere, for everyone, I suppose. Some days, some weeks, are better, then some aren’t so stellar. Yesterday morning, as Jerimiah and I sat in my office and I said things to him like, “Why can’t people understand an m-dash?!” And he said things like, “What is an m-dash?” And he said things to me like, “Municipal waste tonnage” and “Budget review amortization configuration” and I said, “Sure, sure I follow…” we stopped and looked at each other and smiled. Life sometimes. Whew.

It’s budget review season for him.

It’s mid-semester, residency in a couple of weeks, copy edits for Ponder Review due soon season for me.

Same, same.

Sometimes we just pass each other in the hallway and make surprised expressions toward each other. He’s still upright, I’m still upright. Wow, what a world! Sometimes we stop and hug each other. Sometimes he texts to ask if I’m okay when he hears screaming coming from my office. Sometimes we drink wine in the hot tub late at night, the only time we have to take a breath.

We keep saying, “Next week will be better.” And we keep truly believing that. Next week.

Here’s to next week, y’all! If we are lucky, we all get to try it again.


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