Picture This

Picture this: I’m crying in my car parked in my carport. My dog is at the fence barking his head off. The FedEx guy pulls up, my husband pops his head out the door, my mom is ringing my phone, and Adele is playing on my radio. That’s it. Just wanted you to picture that, so you could see what my life was like this week. That’s it. That’s my life.

Okay, but now picture this: It’s two minutes before I’m supposed to log onto a Zoom class session with my very wonderful classmates. I’ve had horrible ahem, bathroom problems, and I actually, really need to pour myself a glass of wine so I can get through the rest of the day in one piece, but instead I have to run to the bathroom, while I’m calculating whether or not I will make it time to log back in before class starts. I pause for a moment to consider logging in, then turning my screen off while I’m in the bathroom, then shudder at the thought of my professor saying hello to me or asking me a question and me not being there, worse yet, me being heard from the bathroom because I forgot to mute my mic.

Now, picture this: I’m in bed. In my big comfy bed. It’s 9:00 pm on Monday, but I don’t care, who am I impressing? I’ve cried, worked out, been to the doctor, hugged my kid, talked to my mom, and made it through another Zoom class. I’m fading slowly off to sleep on account of all the melatonin and my husband reaches over and squeezes my hand. Tells me Goodnight as my dogs snuggles onto my feet.

Tomorrow will be better, y’all. It just will.


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