Bad News Bears

You wanna hear some depressing shit? I know you don’t, but it’s Sunday and I don’t have a lot going on so imma tell you anyway. Last week someone, somewhere in my sphere of articles, books, texts, headlines, podcasts, television, or social media said something like this: “Why would we want things back to normal? Normal sucked. Remember when there were mass shooting like everyday?! Geez.”

That got me thinking, were there a ton of mass shootings this year? Were there more than last year? Were they just televised less because we have so much going on? The answers: Yes, yes, and yes. See, I told you, depressing shit on a Sunday.

According to the Ancient Scrolls of Wiki, the mass shootings are still happening, but less in schools and more in like, the open. But the numbers are roughly the same from 2020 as they were in 2019.

I had facts and figures from government sources to share with you, but I accidentally deleted them when I was cleaning out my camera roll, then I realized you’re all adults, mainly, certainly tech savvy enough to find it out on your own, so go do that. Or don’t. Cause again, it’s depressing as shit.

On a side note, I just got published again and this time the topic is mass shootings in school and I think that is a good thing. I’ll let you know when it comes out, until then remember:

Mass shooting, still here.



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