Brown Friday

I ate so much food yesterday that today will no doubt be a “Brown Friday” peppered with a bit of corn, and I think you know what that means so I won’t go any further. Listen, I hope you all had a great day with your immediate family and your immediate family only (unless you socially distanced in an outdoor setting) and I hope you plan on doing all the shopping you want to do today (online), and I hope that you decorate your Christmas tree while you drink hot cocoa and listen to Christmas music which is what we will be doing today, provided I make it out of the bathroom alive.

In short, I hope that the holidays have already touched your heart and that somehow, maybe overnight, you realized the importance of the CDC and listening to what they suggest. If not, well, there is literally no hope for you.

Love to the masses. I’ll see you on the decked-out-Christmas-tree other side.


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