I’m sitting here reading the news that I missed last week, and I’m thinking about the Trump family and all their seedy business dealings and I am thinking about the handful of people I know who are fervent Trump supporters and who are also small business owners. The ones I personally know (who are both) have all admitted, unsolicited to me, that they have done some illegal, criminal, or really shady business dealings at one point or another within their small business or to benefit their family and now I’m like, oh yep, that makes sense. It makes sense that most of the Trump supporters I know, who are still holding steadfast to him and believe all this election shit are criminals in some capacity.

Friends who have admitted to “cooking their books” to save money or completely get out of taxes in the small business. Trump supporters.

Friends who have lied about their income (one spouse saying she doesn’t work even though she owns a small business and so does her husband) in order to secure medical insurance from the state for their children. This same family also likes to hire undocumented workers because you can “pay them less” while at the same time they scream, “Build that wall! Build that wall!” Still supporting Trump.

Actual literal people who have been to prison for embezzling money from their employers. Trump supporters.

These are actual people I know in real life and have openly told these things to me in a way that is prideful, or full of shame, but still willing to do it.

Which got me to thinking. These people love Trump because he is like them. He is a liar, a cheater, a criminal. And all these people if given the opportunity would lie, cheat, and steal. They already have, particularly from the government or committed a federal crime. And so has Trump and his family. Meanwhile if I think I shortchanged Target I have to go back into the store and tell them. That’s a story for later this week.

Just last week Ivanka was taken to task for charging way too much in a Trump hotel that she was in charge of, for the inauguration party back in 2017. Her claim was that she asked for a “fair market price,” which some of the hotel people came back at with a tens of thousands of dollars a day for a “fair market price,” but she decided they should charge well over $100,000 a day. Umm. Yeah, liar, cheater, thief. And believe me, those kind like to stick together.

I’m so ready for this family to be over and out of our lives, but listen, just know that there still are, always have been, and always will be people who will scam the system in this way. And generally speaking the align with the Republican Party.

Vote Georgia!


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