Target, I Still Love You

Dear Target, I love you. I always will. But you severely disappointed me the other day. Listen, I won’t get too far into it, but let’s just say Jerimiah and I went Christmas shopping. We spent about $250 and had several coupons. One of which was 10% off our total purchase. We also get 5% off and we had a $10 off. So, let’s do quick math. $250 minus $10 equals $240. Ten percent off $240 is $24. That leaves us with $216. Five percent off of $216 is I don’t know exactly, let’s say $10. Which would mean our grand total was $206. Only our grand total was $230, so there was some kind of problem.

Jerimiah figured it out quickly (math guy) he scanned receipt and was all, “Oh, the 10% off coupon didn’t get scanned.” As those show on the receipt so you can see how much you actually paid on each line. So we headed over to customer service, that’s when things got hairy.

Looooong story short, they didn’t believe us, even though we had the receipt and all the coupons. They couldn’t do the math. And by they I mean the nice young lady who was trying to help us and the rude young man who kept trying to “help her” and was making it all worse. Like if the man had let the woman do her thing she would have got there, but he was telling her we were wrong. So they finally called “Nick” over, who we hoped was the store manager, but alas no and he was even less helpful. He was just stood behind them making big eyes like he didn’t pass a seventh grade math test. Really, I expect more from Target. We weren’t at Walmart for fuck’s sake.

So the woman hastily just said here, and handed us $25 in cash. I said thank you and we left, but it didn’t feel right. We couldn’t figure out why, finally we realized it was because they thought we were scammers and we don’t want anyone to think that of us. So we got home and Jerimiah did the math on his adding machine, with the tape, and I wrote a strongly-worded email to corporate about the “guys” that helped us and said the woman was nice. Then after Jerimiah did the math he realized we were correct, all expect one thing: we had a $2 off manufacture coupon we didn’t know about on Target Circle so technically we were only owed $23.92 or something like that.

So what do you think we did? Yeah, we went back up to Target, not kidding, and tried to return $2 and showed the nice young woman the tape from the adding machine. Of course she wouldn’t take the money back, said she was glad it worked out, etc. and we felt better. Though to be fair, Jerimiah was in his Grinch sweater, so he’s memorable, and I think our photos are probably pinned up in the back with Karen haircuts photoshopped on them, but I’m okay with that. Cause we did what was right.

That is all. I still love you Target, but fix your coupon system, particularly Target Circle, this wasn’t my first problem with that one.


Ps… I meant to snap a pic of the tape from adding machine, but when we got home my broken sauceboat had arrived and you know I was tail spinning at that point… (face palm). It wasn’t my best day.

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