Whose Car is This?

The first part of our whirlwind trip this week was to Niagara Falls. Neither Jerimiah nor I had ever been and we wanted to experience it with Jackson for the first time while he was still young enough to stand in awe of the falls, in the event they weren’t as awesome as we’d heard. We didn’t need to worry about that of course, because they were awesome. Even in 30 degree winter weather.

Yes, that face was worth the drive through all of Kentucky and Ohio. Ha! We went to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls because we had been told that it was “The side” to go to, and that was correct information. However, we had never been to Canada either (insert gasp!) I know, I know. We are horrible. So we thought, well why not go up to Toronto since we were so close? Why did we think this? Because we are a little crazy, but mainly we like adventures. And well, I will let the pictures do the talking.

In short, Toronto was amazing and we will be back. The funniest bit, aside from Jerimiah screaming at the GPS about converting miles into kilometers and trying to decide how much petrol is in a liter, was crossing back into the United States. We had our passports with us, so it wasn’t too hard to get into Canada. We answered a few questions about where we were going and what we were doing, and the Border Crossing agent waved scanned our passports and told us to have a great time. On the way back however, the US Border Patrol were very confused about how we ended up in Toronto. They man almost gasped when our tags popped up on his screen and he demanded, “Whose car is this?!” Jerimiah was all, “Ours.” He then said, “You drove this car all the way up from Georgia to spend a day in Toronto?” “Yeah,” Jerimiah said, then smiled. The agent then said, “You have family there?” We explained that we did not, that we just wanted to see the city. He asked us to roll the back window down. He looked at all our things and I was convinced we’d be unloading our shit on the side of the road, when he handed our passports back and told us to have a good day. A couple miles down the road we looked at each other and were like, what the actual hell just happened? Oh, Border Patrol.

So there we are, just a little family who drove to Toronto for an adventure, and we are totally okay with that, even if it seems crazy.

Remember to have adventures sometimes, y’all!


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