What Luck, This Life

I’m on an Eastbound Amtrak headed for New York City, and I’m cozy and warm in a big, business class seat. My son’s listening to music on his headphones, staring out into the lesser-known parts of Connecticut. He’s sitting next to one of his best friends, she’s re-watching last night’s Doctor Who episode. They’re taking a breather. They’re mentally preparing for an advantageous night ahead. Advantageous, an adjective I’ve been trying to work out in my head. An adjective I’m choosing over “crazy,” and adjective we’ve grown accustomed to as we travel this life with these people.

I’m Eastbound on an Amtrak, sitting next to my friend Beth, and we’re swapping stories from our family tree, amongst ohs and awes from the cliffed sea walls, the lone fishing boats dotting the landscape, the shipyard in Mystic with the buoys, and the beautiful sailboats we know nothing about, but wish we did.

We boarded at Kingston Station, and when we arrive at Penn Station we will reunite with our husbands, traveling by car to The Big Apple. Then we will see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller. Then we will see The Lion King on Broadway. Then we will be light, and joyful, and tired. So tired. But some things are worth it. Until then, slow and steady we go, Eastbound on an Amtrak and I just can’t shake the quote, “What luck, this life!” Because really, what luck, this life of mine!

Luck to you all this day and the rest of 2020!


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