For Those Following Along…

Okay so I did the dentist yesterday and it was fine, okay, great. I mean, it’s the dentist, so it could always go horribly wrong. But this was okay. I got my new crown cemented on and was only there for about half and hour. Whew. Quick and easy. But I’m stressing again because today is the Physical Therapist. Like what was I even thinking weeks ago when I made all these appointments? Back-to-back shit, with my school starting, and Jackson’s school starting. My calendar literally went from “Float in the hot tub for three hours” to “Holy shit! Have you eaten today?!”

Okay, so physical therapist this morning, to try and find out what is happening with my back. I’m hoping for some solid answers, but I’m not super optimistic. Then I run home, help Jackson navigate his first full day of virtual classes (Jerimiah will be holding gate fort down while I’m gone), then Jackson has an ortho appt. at three because apparently I just hate myself.

So, let’s take stock, shall we? I hate myself. My back is turning against me, and there is not enough time in the day any more. Hmpf. I know this is just this particular season of life and it will calm down again, but man when you’re in the midst of it, it can get sticky, eh?

Hope you are floating in a pool or the lake or a hot tub today. And if you are, drink a drink for me, will ya?


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